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New to Texas? Then you'll need to have your vehicle inspected as part of the required annual safety inspection test. Residents, who live in designated counties including Harris (Houston), will also need to have the emissions test performed on their vehicles. Not sure where to go? Many testing sites can get backed up, with waiting times for hours. RPM Automotive & Performance is an efficient, certified testing site that performs Texas state inspections.


RPM Automotive & Performance is here to make the testing process easy and convenient. By arriving prepared with the proper documents, we'll be able to test and process your vehicle and have you on your way.


Please arrive with following items for inspection:

  • Valid proof of insurance required by law

  • Payable inspection fee required regardless of pass or fail

  • Photo ID, must be valid 

Don't want to wait? The first few days of the month can be the busiest. The middle of the month is typically the best time to avoid long wait times. 


The state of Texas requires a comprehensive listing of items to be inspected to ensure your vehicle is safe to be on the road. 

A partial listing of the items we inspect include:


  • Brakes

  • Headlights

  • Tires

  • Steering

  • Exhaust system

  • Wiper blades

  • And More


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