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Do you have a smooth ride when you're driving? Part of a safe driving experience means no bumps or pulling. A safe drive means your suspension system is properly aligned and in order. When you drive your vehicle, you should feel in complete control-if not, something isn't right. Have the experts at RPM Automotive & Performace check your suspension to inspect any possibilities of needed repair. Whether components in your suspension system have worn out or become loose, we'll locate the problem and prepare your vehicle for the road.


By bringing your vehicle to our certified repair center, you can rely on the experience and knowledge of our expert technicians, who will make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. From shock absorbers to struts, we can handle any type of repair.


If you feel uncomfortable driving or notice that your vehicle isn't performing, as usual, schedule an appointment right away.


Signs Your Vehicle May Need a Suspension Repair Include:

  • Poor or Irregular Steering Control

  • Bouncing

  • Vehicle Pulls to One Side

  • Excessive or Uneven Tire Wear

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