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Keep your vehicle in great condition with an auto tune-up in Houston from RPM Automotive & Performace.  The best way to extend the life of your vehicle is to take care of the engine with preventative and regular maintenance service.  A vehicle's engine is composed of hundreds of components that need to work in sync for good driving performance. As various parts wear out, a tune-up is necessary to restore the condition of your vehicle.


At RPM Automotive & Performance, our knowledgeable technicians will carefully examine your vehicle's engine to assess critical areas that need to be serviced.  We'll make sure that fuel injectors aren't clogged, spark plugs are free of rust and filters are clean.  Adhering to your manufacturer's recommendations by replacing and cleaning various parts on schedule will keep your vehicle in top shape.


How do you know when to schedule a tune-up for your vehicle? There are important signs to watch out for that can alert you when your vehicle may be in need of service.


Reasons for a tune-up may include:


  • A significant loss of power

  • "Check engine" light remains on after vehicle is started

  • Engine stalls when vehicle stops

  • Gas mileage has decreased

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